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The Swiss Guarantor

In Switzerland, an analysis of your creditworthiness is carried out with each rental application. It allows the landlord to inquire about your ability to pay the rent and takes into account all the people listed on the lease.

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Do you need a Swiss Guarantor ?

Here are 4 situations in which a guarantor may be required by your landlord:

Insufficient income

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Your income is not 3 times the rent

Probationary period


You have just started a new job in Switzerland.

Arrival from abroad


You come from abroad and wish to live in Switzerland for the duration of your studies, for example

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An entry on the extract from the prosecution offices (office des poursuites).

How does it work?

The guarantor is added to the lease in addition to the tenant or roommates who will live on the premises. The guarantor’s income will then be included in the overall calculation of your creditworthiness.

The rules concerning the guarantor :

  • Residency in Switzerland
  • Will appear on the lease agreement.
  • Must provide the Health Authority with the following documents:
    • Identity card
    • Certificate of income
    • Excerpt from the Office of Public Prosecutions (office des poursuites)


  • Jonathan has an income of 6’000 CHF per month. He found the apartment of his dreams by the lake at 2’200 CHF. Should he apply to it? He can but his chances of success are low because his income is only 2.7x the rent (6000 / 2200). To increase its chances, it is in its interest to anticipate and propose a guarantor directly when filing its application. His chances for this 2’200 CHF apartment will therefore be much higher with their combined income.
  • Sarah comes from France, she is 18 years old and starts the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in 1 month. Her parents work in banking in Paris. She found a studio in Lausanne. Should she apply on her own behalf? Unfortunately, without a Swiss guarantor, and even with parents on a comfortable income, it will be difficult to find a property management company that will accept a lease without having a guarantor. She will have to find a Swiss guarantor for her studio or turn to a roommate.

I need a Swiss Guarantor!