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PlanYourMove guides you step by step during your move

Prepare your move with the personnal moving assistant, providing
sample letters, answers to your questions, tips and lots of gifts to
discover !

Are you moving soon somewhere in Switzerland?

Successfully prepare for your move, an event as joyful as it is stressful!

Standard letters, answers to your questions, dozens of tips and tricks, and even discounts await you at PlanYourMove.

Simple, fast, efficient. And free !

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How does it work?

Simple and intuitive, the online personal move assistant can be used on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Sign me up

Quickly create a profile then access your dashboard for help with your move.


Guide me through

PlanYourMove adapts based on the answers you give, so you are only shown what you need to see.


Get moving

My move is stress-free and time-efficient with helpful reminders, lists, sample letters and freebies.


Send notifications

PlanYourMove allows me to easily announce my change of address.

Our interactive tools

website - generator - tool - termination letter - organize my move - PlanYourMove

The free generator of the early termination letter is unique.
This document was created by Lausanne lawyers and is generated in Switzerland to meet the requirements of all real estate agencies.

website - generator - tool - end of lease calculator - organize my move - PlanYourMove

Every day, nearly 100 people use our end of lease calculator on our website.

iphone - application - change of address - plan your move

Moving also means onerous, and boring, administrative tasks to complete

Your time is too precious, and should be kept for the more enjoyable aspects of your move!

PlanYourMove saves you time by centralising all your tasks, suggesting top quality partners, providing you with standard letters and handy, comprehensive checklists.

PlanYourMove assists you from A to Z

From creating the tenancy dossier to sending your change of address notifications.

Quick and easy to use, the PlanYourMove personal assistant guides you through every step of your move. PlanYourMove ensures that nothing is forgotten, helping you to:

  • ✔️ create your rental file
  • ✔️ Terminate your tenancy
  • ✔️ Find a deposit holding solution
  • ✔️ Access lists and standard letters
  • ✔️ Find a moving company
  • ✔️ Clean your apartment
  • ✔️ Receive handy, practical gifts
  • ✔️ Send your change of address notifications

A free, independent personal assistant

With no hidden fees, you can access offers based on your requirements, throughout your moving process. PlanYourMove is funded directly through its partners. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Have you already moved ?

No problem, PlanYourMove also helps you announce your address changes.

Send all your change of address notifications directly on the application.

  • ✔️ direct links to the web platforms of your providers
  • ✔️ letters generated automatically with your details
  • ✔️ information centralised for easy follow up
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PlanYourMove in brief, it’s…


Standard letters

light bulb icon

Custom advice


Handy gifts for moving

packed boxed

All in one place


Exhaustive checklists


A tool for the adress change notifications


Specific reminders


A tool 100% digital, 100% free!

Our partners

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One tool, 100% free.

Moving is easy with PlanYourMove!