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5 Apps for easy moving

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Is your move approaching and giving you a cold sweat? It is clear that moving home takes a lot of preparation and organization. Thinking about your move is to save time and stress. From packing to decorating your future home, here is our selection of apps to avoid chaos. Click to edit translation

Our mission, at PlanYourMove, is to help you in your move and to simplify your life. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 5 apps for a successful move.

1. MoveAgain

To move and clean with the pros

The MoveAgainportal allows you to book your move easily and serenely, in a few minutes and in complete transparency All you need to do is indicate the date, place of departure and arrival, then complete the inventory form for the goods to be transported. The online calculator immediately fixes an overall price, at no additional cost and without the need to organize a visit to your accommodation. The move itself will be handled by a partner company near you, for which MoveAgain vouches. Furniture cleaning, dismantling and assembly, and even the packing of boxes can be booked as additional services when booking online. If necessary, MoveAgain also takes care of keeping your furniture. Immediate quotes are free. PlanYourMove users benefit from a discount of CHF 50.-.

2. Doodle

To set the best date with loved ones

If, on the contrary, you are counting on your friends or family to help you transport your boxes, Doodlewill help you set the day and time that best suits you so that you don’t find yourself alone on D-day. You just have to fill in a small online table with the different days and possible times, then invite your contacts to indicate their availability. The service is free.

3. MagicPlan

To visualize your future accommodation

Do you dream of visualizing exactly the plans for your future at home to start furnishing and fitting it out? MagicPlanis an amazing app that allows you to generate a virtual plan of your home using augmented reality. Just point the phone’s camera at the corners and corners of each room and move around, MagicPlan will automatically generate the floor diagram, without any further intervention on your part. The two-dimensional plane can then be converted into a 3D model. The app is chargeable with offers to choose from between 10 and 90.- per month.

4. Levis Visualizer

To define the colors of your new interior

If you plan to repaint the walls in your new home, this applets you visualize the walls in any color, to find the perfect palette. Just point your smartphone or tablet at the wall, the application “paints” it in the color of your choice. It is possible to save any existing color in your environment and then test it in your interior. The application will automatically determine the color code (valid for “Levis” colors only), display the corresponding range of shades, and even allow paints to be ordered directly from the manufacturer. Should the cushions on your couch be the same shade as the walls? You can also test it with this app.

5. PlanYourMove

To prepare for your move and not forget anything

PlanYourMoveis a free web application intended to support the million Swiss who move each year, by covering all stages of the moving process, directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer. From the creation of the rental file to the announcement of the change of address, the PlanYourMove digital personal assistant allows you to organize your move from A to Z, quickly and efficiently. The app adapts to the user to offer him only what he needs: form letters, targeted advice, exhaustive checklists, tips, gifts and coupons, quality providers, solutions for the deposit, and a tool to easily change your address. The service is free.