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The tenant file

With sometimes several dozen files filed for the same apartment, the management and the owner are spoiled for choice. The quality of the file submitted is essential!

At PlanYourMove we do everything we can to demonstrate your ability to obtain the apartment of your dreams by helping you build a concrete file to sign the lease contract, to pay the rent (solvency) and your desire to be a ” good ”tenant).

Have a complete file

  1. Find our checklist of the complete file on our sub-site – webapp
  2. Download all your documents in your personal space
  3. Add 1 to 1 all your documents to complete your file


Le montant du loyer de votre futur logement ne devrait pas dépasser un tiers de vos revenus nets. Si tel n’est pas le cas, il existe de nombreuses solutions telle que le garant suisse qui vous permet de renforcer votre dossier de location.

Another eliminating criterion: the existence of lawsuits, which it is sometimes possible to settle before considering moving. In case of doubt or non-virgin extract, you can also think of the solution of the Swiss guarantor.