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PlanYourMove is a web platform intended to support its users during their move process. In a guided process, PlanYourMove guides the user through all the stages of a move, from the lease termination letter to the change of address, PlanYourMove is an all-in-1 solution for fans of the automating.

PlanYourMove is available across Switzerland and makes life easier for thousands of people every year.

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A digital wave for tenants and small owners

A multitude of new digital tools want to simplify the lives of those who rent, live, buy, search for or leave a home


For a successful move, La Redoute partners with PlanYourMove

The move is always a crucial moment synonymous with change but also with little hassles. Rare are the moves without a hitch, we will not lie to each other. It can even happen that it is a stressful time between managing providers, packing boxes or changing addresses.


The world of tomorrow: an app to relocate peacefully

Nothing could be more painful than organizing your move. Rest assured, there is an app to relieve you … This is the world of tomorrow.


A personal assistant for moving within Switzerland

PlanYourMove is a free web application intended to support the million Swiss who move each year, saving them time, remembering nothing and moving stress-free by covering all stages of the move. The Régie Immobilière PRIVERA recommends the application to all its Swiss clients.


Planyourmove helps you move

An EPFL start-up offers a free web app that is designed to help ensure that the move from A to Z is stress-free and organized


Start-up from western Switzerland helps with relocation planning

This week, the start-up PlanYourMovefrom Lausanne is launching its new app for moving planning. As announced by the start-up, the application of the same name is a personal assistant. The company promises that it will support users from preparing the rental application to announcing the change of address.


Here is the personal moving assistant

On the Sunrise side, there is noise around the new free PlanYourMoveapplication. It should allow the million Swiss who move each year to save time, to remember nothing and to move stress-free by covering all stages of the move, according to a press release sent by the Swiss telecoms challenger.


PlanYourMove, a new start-up based at EPFL, is bringing the personal assistant for your move onto the market

PlanYourMove is a free web app that aims to support millions of Swiss people with their move every year by helping them to save time, not to forget anything and to move stress-free, covering all phases of the move.


Start-up from western Switzerland helps with relocation planning

The western Swiss start-up PlanYourMove wants to simplify relocation planning with a free app. It offers standard letters, checklists or a tool to announce the move.


Swiss startup Planyourmove launches moving app

The Swiss startup Planyourmove, based at EPFL, has launched an app under the same name that is supposed to function as a personal moving app. Specifically, it is a free web app that is supposed to take on the task of organizing a quick and efficient move from creating the rental application to announcing the change of address.


PlanYourMove launches the personal moving assistant

The application benefits from the trust of PRIVERA, the Swiss leader in independent property management, as well as partners such as SwissCaution and Mobilière.

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Key dates

March 2020

The PlanYourMove idea was born

March 2020
April 2020

PlanYourMove SA

Registration in the commercial register

April 2020
May 2020


Start of development of the platform

May 2020
June 2020

First user

Our first user to move to French-speaking Switzerland. The simple and intuitive use of PlanYourMove led him to change his address with the application

June 2020
September 2020

15 signups per day

September 2020
October 2020

1000 users

October 2020