12 Moving mistakes you should avoid

famille déménagement

Moving is always stressful but also of very exciting! It is a symbol of renewal and the start of a new journey! But who says adventure, says twists and turns, and the first challenge you will have is to make your move a success. Are you afraid of making mistakes or forgetting obvious points?

In order to help you, we have prepared a list of mistakes you should avoid during your move.

1. Penser que vous avez encore le temps.

Time is flying…Votre déménagement est prévu pour dans deux mois et il vous semble que vous aurez alors largement le temps de vous en occuper une fois Noël ou l’anniversaire des enfants passés. Time is flying…Your move is scheduled in two months and it seems that you will have plenty of time to take care of it after Christmas and the kids’ birthdays. But that’s not the case…Moving also means sorting through all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years, packing your belongings, but also maybe rethinking your furniture or the children’s rooms, and going through a mountain of paperwork to announce your change of address.

You will find on PlanYourMove.ch everything for your move in 6 steps, many tips, free checklists and offers from partners. You will thus be able to prepare your move quickly and efficiently without stress while saving some precious time!

2. Sort later

Sorting out all your belongings is a long-term task, but it is essential. Without it, you might do all the process of moving. It means you will box, carry, and tidy up things that you did not want to bring with you in the first place.

Not sorting before leaving is an illusion of saving time. In addition, by sorting everything out, you only take the essentials with you and your mover’s bill will also be lighter. You can find 12 tips for efficient sorting in step 2 of PlanYourMove.

If you want to get rid of your bulky furniture during your sorting, no problem! You can have your furniture transported by MoveAgainwho will take the stuff you no longer bring them to the garbage dump.

3. Order boxes at the last minute

Cardboard boxes are often at the heart of a good moving We think about it since it is one of the basics of moving,but often the organization is not there. Perhaps the recovery of old cardboard seems to be a solution (more ecological and economical), but sometimes they end up complicating the task for you, because they are too fragile and unsuitable. MoveAgainmakes your job easier by offering you new boxes as soon as the quote is created. You choose the number of boxes needed and the delivery date. Simple and fast, the boxes arrive at your door.

4. Do not take the time to indicate the contents on the boxes

This may seem obvious, but under stress, you may think that writing down what is in the boxes is not essential, which is a mistake. An average person moves with about 20 boxes. If you have to open the 20, 40 or 60 boxes in the evening to find the pot to cook a pasta dish quickly, you will tire yourself out for nothing and may end up in a bad mood. Not to mention the lack of efficiency and the loss of time when unpacking.

PlanYourMove Application Demenagement Stickers Cartons

PlanYourMove offers color-coded stickers to stick on the boxes. It is visual and simple: you choose purple for the bedroom, orange for the kitchen, green for the cellar, etc. All you have to do is to note on the sticker what is in the box (clothes, plates, books, etc.). It is an incredible time saver!

5. Thaw the fridge on D-Day

The freezer should be defrosted two to three days before moving for proper drying and cleaning. Remember to eat everything you’ve stored in the freezer in the previous weeks for those nights when you’re tired or in an emergency.

6. Count on your friends

Moving is a heavy task and everyone’s diaries are extremely full, having little room for leisure and rest. In times of Coronavirus, it is not impossible that some people may not be able to come and help on the day and you may find yourself alone in front of your furniture to be loaded into the truck.

Ask friends to help you sort things and fill boxes and get a professional to help with your move. This is the guarantee of maintaining a beautiful friendship and of having the necessary strength on D-Day to bring your business serenely to your new home. MoveAgainoffers professional movers at fixed prices that defy all competition.

7. Randomly choose date and time

Don’t forget to get information from the township you are leaving AND where you are arriving to be sure that you can move easily on that day. Why? Because you may find yourself on a market day, a holiday or with a road blocked because of a local festival. Also, remember to check that the day you have chosen is not the end or beginning of a school vacation. Depending on the location, you may have to ask the municipality for permission to park the truck.

As for the time of the move, while it may be convenient to move at the end of the day to avoid absences from work for example, you should also consider that at the beginning and end of the day, there is a lot of traffic. You may lose a lot of precious time by being caught in traffic jams.

8. Skip the weather

It would be a pity not to have thought that on this day rain, thunderstorm or snow might be coming! Indeed, in this case, it is necessary to anticipate and foresee additional tarpaulins to protect your furniture or the cardboard boxes, and of course wearing an adequate outfit. In fact, getting a trailer is great, but if it doesn’t have a tarpaulin and it’s raining cats and dogs, you will have a very complicated move.

9. Do not take care of the end of lease cleaning

Thinking about the cleaningon the last day is often a common occurrence. We think we are saving time, but this is not always true. End of lease cleaning is often done by professional cleaning and takes more time than what you would usually do yourself. This cleaning is not to be taken lightly; landlords or landlords are often very strict when it comes to the end of lease cleaning.

It is compulsory in Switzerland but don’t panic, we can help you. MoveAgainfinds you a competent cleaning team adapted to your needs who will get rid of this chore and allow you to go through your inventory in a more serene way! Our cleaning professionals can even be present during the inventory checklist.

10. Randomly choose your moving company

Hiring a professional mover is the best chance to have a stress-free move. You minimize the risks, and you are covered by an insurance in case of any problem. In addition, professional movers are trained to ensure that your belongings are handled with care to avoid damage. Check the notices on the internet and do not hesitate to call them if you have any questions.

The price is known and fixed in advance; this can help you avoiding any unpleasant surprises. For example, van rentals that are charged by the hour and the kilometer. It is often true that the time needed is underestimated. MoveAgainhelps you to have a stress-free move. They offer you a personalized service and with transparent prices.

11. Forgetting to tell the neighbors of your move

Elevator blocked, furniture hitting the walls, finding several people moving at the same time, or being stuck by a badly parked car…

This is can happen during a move, which is why we advise you to let neighbors know about your move, whether at your old or new address. This will help avoid any setbacks and will give a good impression to your future neighbors.

12. Forgetting to make a precise list of your moving things .

Moving is often stressful and time consuming. The more things you have, the more boring making a list is. Butthis is whereyour list will be the most useful. It happens very often that you are not aware of how much you’re going to take with you, and you realize on the big day that you’ve forgotten the plants, the cellar or the attic.

With MoveAgain, this list is established directly on our platform where you just have to select your items in each category. You save time and you can receive the list by email. Moreover, with this list, you can make sure that everything has been carried in the moving truck, and you can check it again once you arrive in your new home.